Facial Recognition with Python

While researching for image recognition I came across some very interesting articles about how to perform facial recognition in Python:


How to perform basic image recognition with the use of Python

While searching for information about image recognition with Python, I've came across with this tutorial, with video explanation.


Machine Learning with Python

While researching for image recognition in Python, I came across with TensorFlow, they have a tutorial and documented API.
If you'r looking for a fast and simple kick start, check the TensorFlow Image Recognition Python API Tutorial.
If you'r looking for a bit more detail kick start, check Image Recognition with 10 lines of code.
If you'r specifically looking for image recognition, check this.

You can find the TenserFlow framework here and their models here.


Using the SQL Server Default Trace to Audit Events

While looking for information about a recovering a JOB in SQL Server without performing a full restore, I fiound this interesting link about Using the SQL Server Default Trace to Audit Events.


Outlook Sucks, and Web Version Sucks Even More!

I use email for over two decades now. I've "seen it all". From Linux text email clients as Pine to Eudora, passing through Netscape, Thunderbird and Lotus Notes. More recently the web clients took over and I used Yahoo, GMail and alike. Obviously one could not miss Outlook, from Microsoft, a widely used email client and, God knows why, widely adopted by organizations. So, I think I can say "I've seen it all".
I've only used Outlook when forced by professional reasons. I've used it since around 1999. It sucked back then and it sucks now. And the web versions are even worse...
I'm ending a six month "Outlook Web App" experience. Thank God it's over, because it's a nightmare.

It's totally unrespectful to the user. It has serious UX faults, such as hiding the email information from the user. Not smart. There is even a version that requires Silverlight, yes, that "Flash competitor" that no one cares about and dying because of HTML5+CSS3...

The required version of Silverlight is installed: Yes
Required version of Silverlight: 2.0.31005.0
Outlook Web App experience: Premium

Click to see, or not! It happens me a lot to click on a folder or an email to read it and the response is just a blank panel. That's it, simply blank. No "please wait" message, no fetching feedback, just a plain panel. This requires me to click on something else followed by the "correct" click in order to force a refresh. Usually only one operation is enough, but it has happened to me to have to do this workaround twice!

It's the Popup Wonderland. Everything that's not plain text forces you to open a popup.
All decent web email clients simply show you the attachments and allow you to open, or save, the files.
Not Outlook.
It force you to open the email in a popup that shows you the attached files and then, when you click on the attached files, guess what, it pops up another window.
Don't you miss the old days when ads were delivered by the tons through popups?
Well, I sure you don't, at least, I don't.

One very clever idea on an email client is to hide some of the most important information in the email, such as the email addresses.
Some web emails implement a feature called "find as you type", but Outlook implements something that I've called "find it or not".
Find does not work properly. It's a poor search engine. For instance, if you search something that's on an email that someone has forwarded you, it simply won't find it.
It's unable to find text on emails that have been forwarded as attachment.

Seriously, I can't figure it out how a company so big and with so much influence as Microsoft comes out with such a mediocre product for it's users. Are the "MS fan boys" less intelligent than others?
I don't believe so. MS has lots of competent and intelligent people, so I can only imagine what could have caused MS to delivery so poorly...


What is GDPR?

These days GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, seems to be making everyone in IT very worried.
It's an EU regulation about management of EU citizens personal data and companies outside EU also must comply with it.

If you don 't know what's all this about check it here: What is GDPR?